Margareta Budi

I am an Indonesian. I was created by GOD. HE created me detail by HIS words. And taaa raaa... my nose is flat, but HE said it was good. What can i say? My flat nose is nice :)
I love to creating too. As my Father done His concept on me, so i make mine due to my concept. With love i create them on a paper :)

If you need she who draw, please send me an email to>>> or you can ask something or just say hi, yap yap yap follow me on @margiebudds
Thank you so much.


  1. retaaaa, mau si digambarin wajah akuuuuh :))))

  2. aaa... dian amacak amacak?? mau banget apa mau ajah? :p

  3. mauuu bangeeet!!!! #ciyuus :)))))